Facilities Closure & Logistics Services

FACILITIES CLOSURE Asset Conversion Corp provides services to organizations when facilities have to be closed and professional and responsive action is needed. We understand the emotional nature usually associated with facility closures and therefore provides superior service in a sensitive manner.

Asset Conversion Corp also understands that there are certain instances where dealer networks may be susceptible to liquidations or inventory reductions. For those situations, we can implement a strategy of quiet disposition outside of the impact zone thus protecting established sales territories and distribution channels.

LOGISTICS SERVICES Our logistics solutions are designed to help customers cost-effectively integrate our services with an array of shipping options. With the high cost of shipping freight, your decision to utilize our services to collect, consolidate shipments, triage equipment, or provide reclamation services will tremendously benefit your bottom line. Our logistics services include:

  • Transportation management
  • Processing of leased equipment returns
  • Custom packaging and crating

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