Environmental Services

When a company decides to close a facility, it is a complex process from the writing of the closure plan and document preparation right through permitting and the successful execution of the scope of work. At Asset Conversion Corp, we’ve strategically harnessed the brightest minds to build an internal division solely for the purpose of facilities closures. As a One-Stop Solution, we’ll coordinate the process from A to Z. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive and accurate analysis of your equipment while simultaneously meeting a myriad of regulations thus minimizing long term environmental, legal, and financial liabilities.

Asset Conversion Corp can deliver cost effective, professionally managed facility closure services to our clients. These services could range from present value assessments to strategies for equipment decontamination and sales. ACC can also provide logistics coordination and managerial oversight for asset relocation. These services are available via various business models designed around project requirements and critical path timetables. All workers are HAZWOPER CERTIFIED.

Asset Conversion Corp’s Environmental Services include:

  • Preparation of all documentation including closure plan
  • Post closure reports
  • All permitting
  • Decontamination and removal of equipment
  • Comprehensive testing logs
  • DOT for equipment removal

System types include:

  • Bulk gas systems
  • Bulk chemical systems
  • Abatement systems
  • HVAC & more

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